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Katelyn's Korner Candles in Katy Texas. Discover the Beauty of Fragrances!

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About Us

Frosted pillar candle and pumpkin potpourri in a bread bowl. Scented with Pumpkin spice scent.

Katy's Oldest Candle Company

Established in 1997, Katelyn's Korner Candles in Katy is most known for our signature Frosted Bell shape pillar and petite candles. Although we offer a wide variety of scents, the Orange Marmalade & Creme Brule are the two scents we are most known for. For those who love soy, we offer soy! But our personal favorite is the Paraffin & Beeswax blend. It just burns longer and puts off a stronger scent. 

Some say Soy is cleaner, we say it's all in the wick! 

Buy a quality candle and keep your wicks trimmed !!

Find Katelyn's Korner Candles In Houston and beyond.

Why do we smell so good?

You may have heard triple scented candles and other expressions. The reality is, wax can only hold so much scent or dye. Just like a sponge, you can keep adding but once the maximum is absorbed, the excess runs out. At Katelyn's Korner we have always used the maiximum amount of oil the wax will hold. We also don't use dyes, allowing the wax to contain more oil for a stronger scented candle. We don't just stop with the amount of scent but the quality of scent is important. Our reciepes are actually our own signature scents that or made specially for our company. This is why once you burn one of our candles, you will always recognize it when you see us at craft shows, gift markets or in gift shops. We Really stand out. 

Where to find us!

Our products can be found at many gift markets or craft shows mainly around the Houston area but sometimes you will see a rep selling little corners of Texas here and there. We love to help the community so you may find us at a school fundraiser, gift shops around town or our favorite, being a benefit fundraiser for a special person or group. Check out our fundraiser page for more information on that.

Contact Us

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